Our dear colleague Robert has been in India for a while now, teaching German, traveling and discovering India. So cool, right? We asked him a few questions about how the trip came about and how he is doing.

Transmitter: Robert, what are you doing in India? How did you come to do it?
Robert: I really wanted to live abroad again for a longer period of time. My almost three-year stay in Qingdao, China, was a long time ago. Actually, I didn't expect to live in Berlin continuously for so long, but the pandemic severely limited mobility and opportunities to work abroad. When I traveled to India last year at the invitation of a friend without much enthusiasm, I was surprised by how much I liked the country. I was actually only there for a wedding and a birthday, but then quickly realized that I wanted to see more of the country. As a result, I simply searched Google Maps for language schools in my last stop, Bangalore. Finally, a job interview at a school came up before I went back. When I arrived back in Berlin, the official invitation from the school for the visa was already in my email inbox. But then it took another three months until my departure because the Indian consulate kept me waiting.