If you feel like a regular group class is not the right fit for you, we also offer individual solutions for you.

In a one-to-one class, we can address your personal needs, answer specific questions and focus on what's important for you. It is important for us to cater to your needs and offer classes that are compatible with your work schedule.

Whether you’d like to work on your speaking skills or would appreciate a more flexible approach tailored to your needs and interests, learning with a private teacher is the perfect fit for you.

Our individual lessons are always booked in doublelessons, so a regular session is 90 minutes (2 units).

You can book packages of eight or twelve units, depending on your needs. In addition to that, if your schedule is irregular or you travel often, we can also arrange ZOOM lessons in times that suit your needs.

What we offer

  • introduction of the accusative and dative case
  • modal verbs
  • separable verbs
  • forms and use of the present perfect


Lessons paid by a private person:
1 private person = 37 €/ unit of 45 min* (74 € per session)
2 private persons = 26 € per person/ unit of 45 min* (52 € per person/session)

Lessons paid by a company or institution:
1 person = 39 €/ unit of 45 min* (78 € per session)
2 persons = 27 € per person/ unit of 45 min* (54 € per person/session)

* bookable only in double lessons of 2x 45 minutes

Important note: If a billing address is not a private person but a company, or payments are being sent by companies and not invidivual persons, the company price applies to cover administrative costs.

For further details, please contact us at
We’d be happy to discuss details and answer questions regarding our program.

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